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Alright guys so here you can see I finally obtained my international driving permits or you can call it an international and driving license basically I can drive in over 150 countries and basically I got this from triple-a in the USA I'm a US if you're US citizen you can simply go to any triple-a office where there are just two offices to companies that do a triple-a and the other one I forgot but basically it's really easy you simply walk into any other locations any triple-a or the other company and you just show them your driver's license and in 15 minutes it will be processed and you will get your permit here also I know they do it for like here's a list of countries you can see and I know England I think there's a couple of countries where you can obtain your international driver's license of course you need to hold a driver's license in that particular country so the fee is basically 15 dollars for me and even if you're living abroad now like let's say you're living let's say you're already in Hong Kong well don't need to do is send them documents like I did here I did the Express so what you can do is basically send them like two passport photocopies and a copy of a driver's license and you have to sign both of your passport photos in the back fill out the application and put a credit card number in there and then they'll send it to you they sent it Express through the international couriers about eighty US Dollars and you'll get it within like two weeks and let me show you this part here and you can see I have my picture here and then right above that is my USA address and so yeah it's pretty easy to do and that's it I'm pretty happy.


What do foreigners find most annoying about Americans?
I'm currently a foreign exchange student in US, and most Americans I meet are friendly and open, and I love them with all my heart, but I have a couple of things that I find annoying about some Americans.Number 1: The NationalityThey'll often realize that I'm foreign as I have an accent (never mind, that sometimes they think that I'm just from the west coast), and then they'll ask me where I'm from.I'll barely be done saying that I'm from Denmark, before they go onto saying: "Oh cool, I'm German," in the beginning, this would excite me, thinking that they were actually born in Germany or had lived there for a part of their life, but it turns out that a lot of Americans like to believe that if they have 1/6 of German in their family tree, they're suddenly German. Also I often come across people who say that there is no such thing as an American, and while you could argue that it should be more along the lines of Citizen of United States of America (you know.. America is not only US..), it is ridiculous to think that you're German, even though you are born and raised in America by American parents.I don't know why, but this is kinda just nagging me.Number 2: CriticismAmericans are quick to criticize and give their (often based on very little or no information) opinion on other countries and/or world events. In Denmark, this is completely normal, and we know that comments from foreigners will be against some of the stuff we think, but we tolerate it because, you know.. freedom of speech (yes, freedom is a thing in the rest of the world, too. Not only in US).In US however, a lot of people will get offended if you criticize US, or maybe just talk about how you think this one particular thing is handled better in other parts of the world, you'll often be met with angry faces.There's a few more, but they've already been talked about in other answers. Don't get me wrong, I love US a lot, and I love Americans even more, but as everyone else in the world, Americans have their flaws, they're just human after all.
What was your most embarrassing moment as a foreigner in another country?
So, this happened in 2022 (about 5 years ago) during my first week in USA and I had just moved there from India. In India, we don’t have things like this:(**EDIT: This happened in 2022 and before moving to USA, I hadn’t encountered this in India. Based on the comments, it seems that they are pretty common sight at airports and malls in India nowadays)Now, I noticed that people bowed down a little bit to reach the height of the water faucet thing and the water would *magically* show up.I thought that was cool, and so when I was thirsty, I went to one of these stations and bowed down a little bit (just like others) but nothing happened!I tried a couple of times, but it didn’t work.I walked away.I tried the next day as well! That didn’t help!I stepped back ,and since I had some time, I waited for someone else to try that stupid machine.It worked for them!So, after they were done, I tried again! Nothing happened! I was thirsty, so I couldn’t just walk away…I saw someone walking by, and so I asked, “It seems that the sensor is not working, do you know how to get it to work?”He seemed amused, and pointed to a button that I hadn’t noticed and said, “Just press this thing.”So, that was embarrassing! :)
Can I file a leave for my boyfriend in the US Army?
As Richard, wisely, notes[1] , this has all the makings of a complete scam, even with the limited information.For the US military, the servicemember and the servicemember, alone, fills out and submits a Leave Request form, for the Army, it is a DA-31[2]. Most often, that is completed electronically, via an official US Army web portal. Although someone could physically fill out the form for the servicemember, when and where printed copies are allowed/accepted, it is up the the servicemember to submit the request via their chain of command - that is their supervisor, their supervisor’s superior, all the way up, as necessary.The servicemember, like all US servicemembers, earns 30 days of annual leave at a rate of 2.5 days per month. Obviously, if they are deployed or will be taking part in an exercise, they may not be able to just up and take vacation, whenever they please, but overall, units stand down around Christmas and usually one other time per year, so that folks can travel to visit loved ones, vacation, et cetera.NOTE: At no point are any fees necessary. If your ‘boyfried• supposedly needs you to do anything for them to obtain leave from the US military, especially prmoney or tickets or something along those lines - run away[3][4] They are using you.In *drastic* cases, primarily the death of a close family member, the servicemember may be granted unplanned, Emergency Leave, to attend the funeral and such, but for that, you or they would contact the American Red Cross[5] who will facilitate the leave. (Even with this, there are no fees, required.)Footnotes[1] Richard Ashmore's answer to Can I file a leave for my boyfriend in the US Army?[2] https://wikidownload.com/Downloa...[3] Army investigators warn public about romance scams[4] Can You Spot the Scammer?[5] Emergency Communication Services | Military Family Support
How can I buy Tesla shares from India?
Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook. We all have grown up using these companies• products/services. Obviously everyone’s interested in stock market would like to invest there too.But wait, since they won’t be listed on Indian stock exchange, how to do it?There are basically 3 ways you can invest in Tesla,Open an account with Indian Brokerage firm who has a tie-up with foreign broker. Like ICICIdirect, HDFC sec, Reliance Money etc.. They provides the service where you can open your overseas trading account with their foreign brokerage partner.Open account with foreign brokers. Some international brokers are out there who permits Indian citizen to open account and trade in US market like Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab International Account.Buy Indian MF(Mutual Fund)/ETF(Exchange Traded fund) with global equities. Mutual Fund basically invests in stock market, Government bonds and other securities. There are few firms which invest in international market. You can invest indirectly there but you will never know if your money went in Tesla or not. But this is probably safest option I know because you will not have to open Overseas trading account plus you will save the minimum deposit roughly $10,000. Here are few popular mutual funds who trade in global market, ICICI Pru US Bluechip Equity • D (G), Motilal MOSt Oswal NASDAQ 100 ETF, Reliance US Equity Opp. Fund DP (G), Edelweiss Greater China Eqty-Direct andKotak US Equity Fund • Direct (G).Now that you know the ways to invest, here are some food for thoughts.The reason why people invest in foreign stock exchanges.People want to invest in their favorite companies, of course Elon Musk/Steve Job are everyone’s idol. We all believe in them, their vision. Also Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook are darlings of this generation.Diversification - Investing in foreign companies helps in diversification. Investing in foreign companies mitigate the risk when Indian market gets crash.Bigger Opportunities - The point is there are thousands of better companies out there. There is no boundary anymore.Investors believe that foreign companies have better resources, facility, government cooperation. That makes them high rated.Some Critical Points to know before you invest in TeslaUp to $2,50,000 can be invested overseas by Indian resident as per RBI. That is roughly 1.7 crores. That’s enough, right?High Charges - Here you will be transecting in foreign money. You will be paying brokerage charges in their currency that is USD (1 USD~68.5 INR). So, will the AMC(annual Maintenance charges).Profit are subjected to currency exchange rate - Price of INR against USD will constantly change, so suppose you invested when it was 1$=₹68 , so when you sell the stock maybe the price changes to 1$=₹60. In such case you already lost 11.7%. That’s why when you invest in foreign stocks, profits are always subjected to the currency exchange rate.To know more about such topics please visit, Blog - Trade Brainsor Join Pundits of Stock market at Indian Stock Market Tribe- TRADE BRAINS.
What's the best contemporary designed sign-up form, in terms of UX, on the internet?
Our in-house UX designer holds the Airbnb sign-up form up as an example of excellent UX design.These are his main reasons, which are all aspects that are easily transferrable (and that we always use on our forms!):Social media access - giving people the option to sign up with Google or Facebook allows them to choose an option that suits them (people love to feel in control - it’s the autonomy bias). They are also aware that signing up through social media may be a much speedier process which is always an attraction and, even better for you, it often allows you access to certain parts of their profile and details so can be an excellent source of invaluable data.Progressive disclosure - Instead of displaying the whole form on the first page, Airbnb uses progressive disclosure, only opening up the full form once the user clicks on “Sign up with Email” which keeps things clean, simple and doesn’t intimidate the user as they are being slowly introduced into the sign-up process.Column layout - There is just one column with each field listed one underneath the other. Again, this keeps it really clean and simple with ample space to fill out the fields.Icons used inside the fields - The icons bring a nice design element to it and also just add that extra ease of comprehension - you see the mail icon and you know that’s where your email address goes. The easier to understand quickly, the more likely it is that people will convert (this is because of Cognitive Ease).Password strength validation - This is always a reassuring tool to pryour customers. Security online (or lack thereof) can be a big factor in putting people off following through with a sign-up or purchase and so lending them this helping hand to show them how strong their password is will give a sense of safety and satisfaction.Overall field validation - When a field has been successfully completed, it is highlighted with a green outline to validate this clearly. It’s a nice way of giving the customer a sense of completion and closure for each step and letting them see their progress - this type of positive reinforcement can be useful in encouraging people to see through the sign-up process until the end.Clear indication of errors - Equally, it’s important to clearly notify customers when there is an issue with one of their completed fields. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time filling out a form only for it to refuse to submit but with no clear identification of where the error is. Make it quick, obvious and easy for them to see and rectify any errors to ensure frustration doesn’t lead to a swift exit.At Convertize, we’ve compiled our neuromarketing and optimisation expertise into a list of 250 tactics - you can check them out here!
How much time it take for an ASO Mea to get foreign postings? Is there any choice for him about the country he wants to work?
There are two types of postings in MEARegular Vacancies:- For such vacancies one has to complete two years tenure at headquarters whether he is a new joinee or he is an old employee.(Include good postings normally)Admin Vacancies:- For these, there is not as such criteria of time, one can apply any time and get. In general case, a new joinee can get a posting just after completing 6–9 months of his service depending on circulars issued.(Hard Non family postings are big part of these postings normally)Many person got their postings in the 7th or 8th month of their service.Now the thing comes about choice, yes one has to fill one's own choice of countries out of the countries listed for posting. MEA issues circular with the list of vacancies in various countries and you have to fill out your choices and then as per administrative decisions those postings are allotted to individuals.Thanks
How come you chose rural Thailand when you're from the USA?
I really wanted to study abroad.Unwilling to pay $10,000 or more for a semester, I decided I would get my Master's Degree abroad on a scholarship. I began applying to many universities abroad including Spain, New Zealand, Taiwan, and of course, Thailand.I applied for a university in Bangkok. From what I researched, Bangkok was full of English speaking expats, my school had plenty of foreign exchange students, and the Thai students there spoke English. I am a very outgoing person so I thought I would make friends really easily.That university, Kasetsart University, was the first one to offer me a full scholarship plus grad salary. I accepted it, not wanting to fill out applications for any more schools, and that was that. I was set to head for Bangkok in January.Upon arrival, my adviser's old grad students picked me up from the airport. They said the campus was two hours away. I was confused. From my research, my campus was supposed to be 20 minutes from the airport. The grad students laughed, “That's the main campus in Bangkhen, you applied for Kamphaeng Saen.”I, stupidly, had applied for the wrong campus. Kasetsart University has 4 campuses. Their names sounded similar to me. Instead of foreigner-filled Bangkok, I was headed for rural Kamphaeng Saen.I showed up to a university filled with rice fields and all Thai students. Nobody spoke English but my professor and a couple of other professors. I was devastated at first.I thought I ruined my life. I told myself I had to survive one semester, then I could quit if I felt like it.After I was done being dramatic, I made myself learn Thai so I could gain some independence. Upon arrival, I couldn't order food by myself, travel by public transportation, or do something as simple as getting a phone plan for myself. I buckled down and told myself that in order to not be miserable, I had to learn Thai so I could make friends. I was really lonely for a long time and completely silent, being unable to communicate with anyone.Now, I think it was fate that I ended up in rural Thailand. I love it here. I love the people. My struggles were big and long-lasting, but I learned how tough I am. I love this country, I never want to leave.Obviously, I didn't choose rural Thailand, but maybe destiny chose it for me.If you'd like a more detailed story about my journey moving to Thailand, you can read here :)Moving to Thailand - Alone in Thailand
Why is Japan hiring Indians from India to fill their vacancies? Is it worth for an Indian to go there?
Q1 - Why is Japan hiring Indians from India to fill their vacancies?A: Because Japan’s population is shrinking day by day, especially the working young population. On the other hand, Japanese people are living longer, which means Japan has a lot of old & retired people who are not working and hence not contributing to the economy. Instead the government has to spend a lot of money on them for healthcare and pensions etc.. This means that Japan is sitting on a demographic time-bomb, which will burst if not managed.Thats why Japanese companies are hiring lots of foreign workers, not just Indians, to make for the shortfall of working hands in their country. In my experience in Japan so far, I have seen a rise in the number of Indians, Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese as well.Just to show demography/age of my current team -Less than 30 years -2 Indians (including me)3 Koreans1 Chinese2 JapaneseBetween 30~60 years -5 JapaneseAbove 60 years -3 JapaneseSo you see, without foreign workers, the demographic pyramid of my team would look severely skewed from the ideal shape of a pyramid.Q2 - Is it worth for an Indian to go there?A: Yes, definitely. You will learn a lot of new things, especially best practices in industry, many of which were invented in Japan. Their working ways are something that you will not find anywhere in India. You will also earn more compared to what you do for the same work in India. You can learn Japanese language too. You can see beautiful places in Japan especially the mountains. And you can come back to India a much wiser person and can help India learn from Japan and develop itself.Edit - And of course work visa is not an issue in Japan unlike in the USA. Japan government is not waiting to kick you out unlike USA. Plus it is the safest and cleanest country on Earth. If any of you college kids or USA aspirants are reading this, I strongly suggest you to look at Japan too as an option. And knowing Japanese language is not compulsory, but will be an added advantage if you know it. Get a JLPT N5 or N4 certification (Japan’s equivalent of GRE) at least to begin with.Edit for those who are messaging me about job openings in Japan and how to search for jobs in Japan -Search online for jobsMany Japanese companies are nowadays recruiting directly from Indian engineering colleges.Many Indian companies too, especially software ones, have on-site positions in Japan. This is my case.I strongly suggest to learn Japanese language. This as per me is an equally important skill which you should possess. As equal as your engineering or any other primary skill. At least do JLPT level N5 or N4. Some companies may need you to know Japanese, while some may not.You can get some more pointers here - Sanket Garade (संकेत गराडे) (संकेत गराडे)'s answer to How can an Indian be an artist in Japan?About work culture -One has to understand that the Japanese don’t leave the office early. It is normal for people to work 2–3 hours overtime quite frequently, sometimes even longer.The work commitment is quite high. Work comes first. Everything else (including family) is secondary.Everyone does what the company/boss expects of them, even if they disagree with it. You can’t back answer or reject work easily, like you do in India.
How can someone in Japan marry a Japanese women?
I am assuming that you are a foreigner.Yes, a foreign man living legally in Japan can get married to a Japanese woman. You must get from your embassy or consulate affidavits certifying that you are legally free to marry. The affidavit is sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Eligibility to Marry (konin yoken gubi shomeisho, 婚姻要件具備証明書). Some embassies have versions in Japanese and some do not. You may need to get a certified translation of the document.The next thing that is necessary is a copy of both people’s Registry of Current Residence (jūminhyō: 住民票). This can be gotten, for a few hundred yen, at the municipal office where the person is registered.The next step is to fill out the Application / Notification of Marriage (konin-todoke, 婚姻届). You can get this at the same municipal office at which you get the Registry of Residence. You can fill out the form on the spot or take it home and do so at your leisure.With the filled out Marriage Application, the Registry of Residence, and the Certificate of Eligibility you are almost ready to do the deed. Go to the local municipal office and give the above papers to the person at the Citizen Affairs Office (shimin ka, 市民課). You will also need to hand over your Residence Card (Zairyu Card, 在留カード). You should also bring along your personal seal and, just to be on the safe side, your passports. A few minutes after handing all this over, the civil servant will come back and tell you that they are finished with the paperwork and you are now [legally] married. The entire process is without charge.Should you want some sort of paper saying that you are married you can ask for a certificate or declaration of marriage (Konin Todoke Juri Shomei-sho, 婚姻届受理証明書). This may cost a few hundred yen. I believe that some cities have started giving out, for a nominal fee, a fancier looking marriage certificate. This was not an option when and where I got married.Now the question remains as to whether the marriage in Japan is legally binding in your home country. This will depend on the treaties between the countries involved. This question is best answered by your embassy.Can you do the marriage thing in a city you do not live in? Perhaps, but you will need to get all the paperwork in order before you go to their municipal offices. You will probably have to fill out that city’s Application for Marriage.Good luck. Live Long and Prosper.
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